The Ultimate Package

is to prepare you to excel

even when presented with the most challenging clinical scenario,

and when facing the most difficult and unforgiving examiner.

The Ultimate Package provides you with the most comprehensive program

of preparation for the Applied Exam available.

    → “In order to achieve this goal, the Ultimate Package incorporates all the Ultimate Board Prep’s learning modalities for the Standardized Oral Examination (SOE) into one incredibly effective program.

    The learning modalities included in the package are designed to complement each other, and utilizing them together affords you the most comprehensive and effective method for developing the knowledge, skills, and techniques required to master the Standardized Oral Examination (SOE).

Register for the Ultimate Package and save over $1,000! Your registration also makes you eligible for the UBP First-Time Pass Guarantee.

Learn how to best utilize all the products including the Ultimate Package by reviewing the UBP Step-by-Step Guide to Passing the Applied Exam

The UBP Ultimate Package includes:

  1. The UBP First-Time Pass Guarantee

    • If you should fail the Standard Oral Examination component of the of the Applied Exam after purchasing The Ultimate Package, just provide us with a copy of your exam result and we will maintain your access to the UBP Case Library and the Course A, B, and C videos during your next test cycle.

  2. Registration for all the UBP Courses (A, B, and C) Learn more here.

    • Each course covers a portion of the UBP Case Library.
      • Course A: covers the first 16 mock exams and additional topics
        Course B: covers the next 16 mock exams and additional topics
        Course C: covers 12 of the remaining mock exams and 10 of the additional topics

  3. UBP Case Library and Companion Learn more here.

    • The UBP Case Library contains “The Ultimate Board Prep Basic Strategy” along with 48 different mock anesthesia oral board questions and 48 different “Additional Topic” questions designed to provide a review of the most relevant material while at the same time exposing you to some of the most challenging situations encountered in private practice and/or SOE exam rooms.
    • Each Exam in the UBP Case Library includes answers formulated using the UBP Basic Strategy.
    • The UBP Case Library is constantly updated with the latest information and, thanks to the electronic format, you will receive all updates in real time.
    • Your registration also includes the UBP Case Library Companion, a spiral bound book designed to facilitate practice and provide you with a convenient place to take notes as you go.

  4. Four Hours of Live Online Teaching Sessions

    • Participation in a live online Small Group Training Session with Dr. George Learn more here.
      • During this 2-hour session, Dr. George will work with participants to improve those skills most essential to performing well during the SOE.
    • Two (2) One-Hour UBP Private Online Exams Learn more here.
      • These exams are administered by experienced physicians trained to provide feedback and advice that is in keeping with UBP’s approach to the Standardized Oral Examination.

  5. Access to the UBP Coaching Session with Dr. George Learn more here.

    • This coaching session is a concise presentation of the various techniques and strategies introduced during the course.

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