The UBP Online Course


The UBP Online program

provides you with the opportunity to avoid the cost and inconvenience of

travel, and to prepare for the anesthesia oral boards while in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
The UBP Online program is a great way to learn the techniques and develop the skills needed to master the anesthesia oral boards.

Registration for one of the UBP Online Courses includes:

  1. Access to over 40 hours of online video-based training covering 20 mock oral board questions and 20 additional topic questions from the Practice Sets included with your course (Online Course-A covers questions from Practice Sets #1, #2, and #3, while Online Course-B covers questions from Practice Sets #4, #5, and #6).

    The recorded material will be divided up into multiple modules for your convenience. Each mock exam includes a 60-90 minute discussion covering the exam thoroughly, with particular focus on judgment, adaptability, and the application of the mental organizational and communication skills introduced during the UBP 2-Hour Online Coaching Session. Access to your chosen UBP Online Course is provided until the end of your test cycle.

  2. Printed copies of the included Practice Sets:
    • Course-A includes Practice Sets #1-3
    • Course-B includes Practice Sets #4-6
  3. Participation in the UBP 2-Hour Online Coaching Session – a concise presentation of the various techniques and strategies introduced during our course.
  4. Four (4) UBP Private Online Exams – administered by examiners trained to provide feedback and advice that is in keeping with the UBP’s approach to the oral boards.
  5. Participation in a live online small group training session with Dr. George. During this 2 hour session, Dr. George will work with participants to improve those skills most essential to performing well during the anesthesia oral boards.
  6. Eligibility for the UBP First-Time Pass Guarantee. If you should fail the oral board component of the Applied Exam after purchasing one of the UBP Online Courses, just provide us with a copy of your exam result and we will maintain your access to the corresponding UBP Online Course in the next test cycle (covering the same Practice Sets), along with a 20% discount on all UBP Private Online Exams ordered during the same period of time.

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