Participate in an OSCE Exam Skills Workshop!

The OSCE Small Group Training Session

Participation in this 2-hour live online small group session (3-5 participants) ensures that you make the most of your invested preparation time as you prepare for the OSCE portion of the Applied Exam. The session is strategically scheduled periodically throughout the year with ABA test weeks in mind.

During the OSCE Small Group Training Session, Dr. Flanders works with you personally to:

  • Optimize your preparation
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Develop those skills most essential to a strong performance on exam day

Dr. Samuel Flanders

Dr. Flanders completed medical school and residency at UT Houston. He has enjoyed private practice in Texas since graduating but misses teaching junior residents. Preparing for and taking his oral boards was actually a joy and healthy challenge. He believes mock orals are the best way to becoming a competent communicator, decision-maker, and anesthesiologist. His free time is spent taking his kids on bike rides.