The UBP Course Video Sets

The curriculum covered by the UBP Course Video Sets

is designed to teach you how to communicate a substantial amount of relevant information with clarity and in a very short period of time.

Applying the techniques you learn at the course will serve to make a good initial impression, diffuse aggressive examiners,
and ensure that you do not fail because the examiners were unable to sufficiently evaluate you.

Each UBP Online Course includes:

  1. Access to 30-35 hours of online video-based training covering mock exam questions and additional topic questions from the UBP Case Library.

  2. Each course covers a portion of the UBP Case Library.
    • Course A: covers the first 16 mock exams and additional topics
      Course B: covers the next 16 mock exams and additional topics
      Course C: covers 12 of the remaining mock exams and 10 of the additional topics
  3. The recorded material will be divided up into multiple modules for your convenience. Each mock exam includes a 60-90 minute discussion covering the exam thoroughly, with particular focus on judgment, adaptability, and the application of the mental organizational and communication skills introduced in The Core Concepts of Successful Preparation and the UBP Coaching Session. Access to your chosen UBP Course Video Sets is provided until the end of your test cycle.
  4. The UBP First-Time Pass Guarantee Learn more here.

      If you should fail the SOE component of the Applied Exam after purchasing a package that contains one or more of the UBP Course Video Sets, just provide us a copy of your exam result and we will maintain your access to the corresponding video set in the next test cycle.

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Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package incorporates all of the UBP methods of preparation into one package, making it the most comprehensive and effective program of preparation available.

This program maximizes the development of the skills and techniques required to master the Applied Exam. The package also includes:
The UBP First-Time Pass Guarantee.