The UBP Coaching Session

During this recorded group session Dr. George discusses the challenges presented by

the ABA exam environment and the best approach to overcoming those challenges. Additionally, select questions from one of the mock exams in the case library are utilized to demonstrate common candidate mistakes and the application of the various UBP techniques and strategies that will improve your chances of success during the Applied Exam.

Watching the Coaching Session will help you to:

  • Optimize your preparation
  • Identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Develop those skills most essential to a strong performance on exam day

The UBP Coaching Session is included when you purchase the Silver Plan, Gold Plan, or Ultimate Package.

Dr. Gregory George’s bio

Dr. Greg George

Dr. Gregory George is the Ultimate Board Prep Director

Dr. George is a board certified anesthesiologist in private practice, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at a midwest anesthesiology residency program. He has been involved with resident education since 2004, receiving multiple teaching awards. After reviewing several of the most popular anesthesiology board preparation courses available, Dr. George felt he could offer a program that more effectively prepared candidates to take and pass their Written and Applied Exams. Several thousand hours of additional writing and preparation later, The Ultimate Board Prep was born, and the program has been a remarkable success. When not perusing anesthetic literature, feverishly writing Written and Applied board questions, or training board candidates, Dr. George enjoys time with his wonderful wife and six children.