The UBP Flex-prep Program

We understand that the cost of travel, a busy work schedule, and family obligations often make participation in one or both of the UBP Live Courses difficult or impossible. Through the UBP Flex-prep Program we hope to address these issues by offering several options for participation in each day of either UBP Course-A and/or UBP Course-B:

Participate the Way You Want Each Day of the Course!

For each day of one of our courses, you may choose from a number of convenient options that work best for you and your busy schedule.

Examples of How This Can Work for You

Carl would like to attend the UBP Live Course-A,

but due to his work schedule is only able to attend in person on the weekend.

Using the UBP Flex-prep Program, he could plan to attend the UBP Live Course on location both Saturday and Sunday, and then participate in any remaining days of the course through the UBP Online program, which could be reviewed at any time.

Susan wants to save on the expense of travel

as she prepares for her Oral Boards, but would like to participate in a live course.

Unfortunately, she has a family obligation on the Saturday of her preferred course date. Using the UBP Flex-prep Program, she could participate in the UBP Live Course on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday via webcast, and then review the content covered on Saturday through the UBP Online Program.

Kevin plans to attend all 4 days

of the UBP Live Course-B via webcast, but is unexpectedly called into work on Sunday.

Thanks to the UBP Flex-prep Program he can review a recorded version of the 4th day of the Live Course (Sunday) through the UBP Online Program, preventing him from missing important content covered on the last day of the live course.