UBP Private Online Exams

The Private Online Exams offered by UBP give you the opportunity

to receive mock exams in the privacy of your home from experienced physician examiners familiar with the UBP techniques and strategies.

Receiving mock exams from our trained examiners will serve to provide you with a review of the most relevant information; expose you to some of the most challenging clinical situations encountered during the Standardized Oral Examination; and greatly improve your ability to access your knowledge, organize your thoughts, weigh risks and benefits, apply sound judgment, and effectively communicate your anesthetic decisions to the examiners.

Why UBP Private Online Exams?

Working with examiners trained to provide feedback and advice that is in keeping with the UBP's approach to the exam allows you to further develop and refine the skills and techniques required to pass the SOE component of the Applied Exam. Immediate “correct answer” feedback is an evidentially proven cognitive principle of learning that promotes deeper understanding and prevents the introduction of conceptual misunderstanding. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your UBP Private Online Exam sessions at spaced intervals during your test cycle. This third-party feedback from experienced examiners can be invaluable in promoting skill development, identifying previously unrecognized areas of weakness, and preventing “preparation plan drift.”

Learn the UBP approach to the

Standardized Oral Examination!