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Review the high-yield topics and improve your ability to access, organize, and communicate your knowledge. Learn to excel in the extremely challenging environment of the Applied Exam…and do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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The UBP Practice Sets are the most complete and high-yield resource available for Applied Exam preparation, covering a multitude of difficult and controversial clinical scenarios that are favorites of the American Board of Anesthesiology.

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The Ultimate Package incorporates all of the UBP methods of preparation into one package, making it the most comprehensive and effective program of preparation available.

This program maximizes the development of the skills and techniques required to master the Applied Exam. The package also includes:
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  • "Questions are excellent with very high yield. Coaching and curriculum were excellent. It very quickly helped me change my approach. I am incredibly grateful for this course. I fully expect to pass this second time around." -New Jersey Course, 2014
  • "Lots of complex cases with a systematic approach to organizing thoughts and answering the questions." - Houston Course 2014

    Board Certified Anesthesiologist
  • "I will definately recommend it to everybody for exam prep." -Anonymous, 2013

  • "Thank you! I will highly recommend this review course to colleagues!" -Anonymous, 2013

  • "I was very happy with the quality of this course and if I could, I'd do it again before the oral exam." -Anonymous, 2013

  • "I have checked many oral board sources. I believe this course is the most comprehensive and most up to date, as well as very reflective of exam style. I have already recommended to my friends." -Anonymous, 2013

  • "I'm very satisfied with the personal feedback provided hereand overall technique and approach given. I'm coming away from this weekend with a clear course of how to get to where I need to be and confidence in my ability to get there. Prior to this weekend, I felt a much higher level of anxiety. Now, I feel energized to get the job done, both prepping and on exam day." -Anonymous, 2013
  • "I found that the multiple exams I was given as well as the study books were helpful in my formulating a way to organize my thoughts." -Anonymous, 2013

  • Taught by great mentors who have a passion to help you pass the oral boards. Thank you for the exceptional board review course. I found it to be a great experience, highly motivating and well targeted. Taught by great mentors who have a passion to help you pass the oral boards. The small group classroom gives it a feel of a private tutorial. Looking forward to seeing you in Boston. - Dr. Jeffrey Follansbee
  • This course is, by far, the Very Best out there. This course is, by far, the Very Best out there. It really does teach you how to organize your thoughts and express them in a consultant-like-fashion. If you want to pass orals, you Must take this course. -Dr. Brian Allen
  • This course is Different! This course is Excellent! I have gone to two separate courses, and found deficits in those courses due to lack of teaching. Other courses just intimidate and badger the oral board candidate without giving concrete feedback. This course is different! This course is excellent! The instructors discuss each case/problems in depth. In addition, The instructors emphasize specific strategies to display knowledge in a rapid effective manner. Best oral board review course I have attended so far! -Baltimore, MD
  • "Great course! Great strategy . . . I will highly recommend this course!” - April 2016

  • Yours is the only one that breaks down the answers, focuses on presentation style, and how to manage questions when the answer is unclear. - Dr. S. Chris Jacobs

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The UBP OSCE Curriculum


The UBP OSCE Curriculum covers all nine skills

included in the most current version of the ABA’s OSCE Content Outline.

    → The curriculum addresses each of the nine skills in a way that optimizes your learning and ability to successfully navigate the scenarios you may encounter during the exam. Topic overviews, pictures, videos, and mock scenarios are all utilized to ensure you are able to demonstrate the proficiency required by the ABA as you navigate the OSCE seven-station circuit.

    View the ABA OSCE Content Outline here

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Dr. Gregory George

Ultimate Board Prep Director

Dr. George is a board certified anesthesiologist in private practice, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at a midwest anesthesiology residency program. He has been involved with resident education since 2004, receiving multiple teaching awards. After reviewing several of the most popular anesthesiology board preparation courses available, Dr. George felt he could offer a program that more effectively prepared candidates to take and pass their Written and Applied Exams. Several thousand hours of additional writing and preparation later, The Ultimate Board Prep was born, and the program has been a remarkable success. When not perusing anesthetic literature, feverishly writing Written and Applied board questions, or training board candidates, Dr. George enjoys time with his wonderful wife and six children.
Our Course is designed to help candidates develop the skills they need to master the ABA’s Written and Applied Exams


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