UBP Live

Work directly with Dr. George and the UBP Team to master the skills required to pass the Applied exam!

The UBP Small Group
Session with Dr. George

Participation in this 2-hour live online small group session (4-6 participants) ensures that you make the most of your invested preparation time and avoid methods that are less effective and waste valuable time and effort.

Online Exams

Take exams designed to review the most relevant topics, from examiners trained to provide feedback and advice that is in keeping with our approach to the exam. Further develop and reinforce the skills and techniques necessary to excel during the Applied Exam.

Learn the UBP
approach to the
Anesthesia Oral Boards!

The “UBP Online” program provides you with the opportunity to avoid the cost and inconvenience of travel, and prepare for the anesthesia oral boards while in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The “UBP Online” program is a great way to learn the techniques and develop the skills needed to master the anesthesia oral boards.