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to optimize your exam performance and make

the most of your valuable test preparation time.

The UBP Online program offers our physician clients the highest quality question banks and the most innovative analytics on the market.

Why Choose UBP?


1 High Quality

  • All questions are composed by board certified anesthesiologists.
  • Prior to submission to our testing platform, all questions undergo review by no less than 4 additional board certified anesthesiologists for accuracy, relevance, and sourcing.
  • Comprehensive explanations of each question are provided to improve learning and understanding, and to reduce the amount of time required to look up information in other sources. However, sourcing is provided should additional study be desired.
  • Tables, Graphics, and Visual aids are provided to enhance understanding.


2 Affordable

  • FREE Trial - Verify the quality of our content and testing platform for yourself.
  • FREE Access to all three courses for one low price! Unlike other board preparation programs, UBP provides you with access to the all of our written board preparation materials (ITE, Basic, and Advanced Exams) for one low registration fee.
  • FREE UBP Oral Preparation Material – $150 of your Registration fees for the UBP Written Preparation Program may be deducted from future purchases of UBP oral board preparation material.
  • The UBP Referral Program: UBP will send you a $100 check for each new colleague you refer to our written board preparation program. Just make sure they mention your name when they register. There are no codes or coupons required, and there are no limits to the number of referrals you can make!


3 Flexible Testing Options

  • Our testing platform allows for a variety of testing options to enhance your learning:
    • Timed vs. "Study Mode" testing
    • Topic specific (e.g. cardiac or obstetrics) vs. generalized test questions
    • Immediate “correct answer” feedback after answering each question (study mode) vs. the provision of answers and explanations following test completion (timed testing)


4 Up-To-Date

  • New questions are added monthly and old questions are continually updated on a scheduled basis to ensure that our content reflects the latest guidelines and any changes to the ABA exam blueprints or content outline.


5 Targeted

  • Questions are developed based on the ABA’s Examination Blue Print and Content Outline and updated on a scheduled basis to reflect any changes to these documents.


6 Convenient

  • Our innovative testing platform provides you with access from any device, including your smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  • Study at your convenience….anytime….anywhere.